The Identity Politics Research Group (IPRG) is a research group based in the New York City metropolitan area. The goal of this group is to bring together scholars at universities throughout the NYC metro area, and Northeast more broadly, interested in the study of race, class, gender, religion, and sexuality in American politics and comparative contexts. The vision of IPRG is to bring together researchers in Political Science, as well as other disciplines (e.g., Sociology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Psychology), for ongoing meetings showcasing new research in key political science sub-fields related to groups and identity, such as Race and Ethnic Politics, Class and Income Inequality, Women and Politics, Religion and Politics, Sexuality and Politics, and the intersection of these areas. 


As a newly organized research group, our goal is to hold three one-day long meetings per academic year with one meeting in the fall, one meeting in the spring, and another meeting in summer. Each meeting will span the course of an entire day, and will be broken into three segments, with the first segment of each meeting consisting of short research presentations (15-20 minutes each), the second segment consisting of methods-oriented workshops focused on helping identity scholars enhance their research through the use of new methodological tools and techniques, and the third involving a break-out session for the purpose of incubating new research ideas and collaboration.

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